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Freshly steamed lobster are a true delicacy for any seafood lover

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[STEAMED]-1-1.15 lb Whole Maine Lobsters

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Named after the owner’s father, J. Lionel Maine Lobster celebrates summer! 

Yes, you can purchase live lobsters and wait for the overnighted cooler carrying your lobsters that need immediate cooking attention, or you can buy easy to prepare pre-steamed lobsters.  Sit in the hammock and rest assured.  You purchased lobsters that cook on your timetable!

What should I do with these frozen lobsters? 

First, call your friends and tell them you purchased the freshest Maine Lobsters caught off the rocky Maine coastline.  Then, unpack the cooler and place the frozen lobsters in the fridge and circle the date and time on your calendar for cooking.  I’m guessing this weekend.  When the grill sparks and your fans arrive, your lobster should have received the premium treatment:  Place the lobsters in the fridge in a sealed bag with cold water.  Keep the lobsters belly-up and your overnight timing firmly set for meat that doesn’t stick to the shell.  Your meat will tear neatly from the shell with a plump buttery flavor.

Speaking of butter, listen to this trick!

Wrap your lobster in foil with the belly up to keep the juices in the shell of the lobster.  Brush butter on the leg portion that peaks through the foil.  Tap your toes for 5-10 minutes as your lobsters acquire a smoky grilled taste, but with an ultimate buttery flavor. 

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Please note: Lobsters don't ship to RI, CT, NJ, or NY)

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