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[Steamed]-{2-2.5 lb.} Whole Maine Lobsters

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2 pound lobster

What’s the taste of Lobster?

Ask someone during the 1800’s they’d say, “a cheap seafood perfect for prisoners.” Traveling back to the 1600’s with mounds of washed up lobsters on the beach, they’d bellow “nasty ocean bugs.” A few ingenious railroad owners knew lobsters got a bad wrap along the coast so they decided to ship them inland. What a hit! Without all the bad press, lobster quickly became a delicacy on menus during the early 1920s. Demand increased and so did the price. So now, with popularity the taste is celebrated.

Salty-sweet with a hint of butter captures lobster’s taste. Sometimes comparisons help. The taste and texture resemble both crabs and shrimp, and mirrors a crawfish fittingly. A crawfish looks like a mini-lobster, so it only makes sense in the similarity. As far as shrimp, lobster doesn’t have a high degree of chewiness. Crab’s meat boasts flakiness, more so than lobster. The much-celebrated lobster tail does have a slight chewiness from all the protein. Yes, lobster does a body good with 17 grams per 3 oz. serving. Try grilling for a smoky-sweeter result or steaming for a juicer, more tender meat. Everyone agrees that hot butter transforms the entire experience to mouth-watering!


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