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Freshly steamed lobster are a true delicacy for any seafood lover

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(2 lb Bag) Frozen Scored Maine Lobster Claws (Approx 12-18 claws per bag- Product of Canada

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J. Lionel Maine Lobster amazes its lobster lovers with “dip & enjoy” scored claws and arms.  Do you desire a sophisticated, but easy to prepare appetizer for your cook-out crowd?  Let us help you with expertly prepared lobsters in our three-step process:  cook in shells-scored in three places-flash frozen for fresh defrosting. Why worry about undercooked or overcooked lobster when we have you covered?  Rest assured, this tender delicacy tastes buttery with an oceanic sweetness.

Intensify the taste!  Defrost and serve cold or gently steam for 4 minutes or boil for 2 minutes.  Place seafood forks and appetizer plates with hot clarified butter ramekins for your guests.

A Body Fit Food:  We listened to our home chefs and rolled out this new appetizer creation for your party buffets or intimate gatherings.  A 3 oz. portion feeds your body right:  17 grams protein and 3,500 mg. potassium. 

Once you serve Scored Lobster Claws and Arms for you appetizer, you take your get-togethers to a new level!


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