Steamed Whole Maine Lobsters

Freshly Steamed Lobsters, Buttery and Meat-Filled

Maine’s Best Lobster!

What makes J. Lionel Maine Lobster the freshest and tastiest on the market?  Our crew hand-picks wild lobsters with an eye on size and a focus on weight.  Freshly caught and quickly steamed lobsters offer a sweet, oceanic flavor with a plump, tender meat.  Maine prides itself on the best lobsters in the world and J. Lionel picks the best of the best for your special event.  We size 4 main categories for your selection:  1-1.15-pound, 1.18-1.25 pound (NY chicks), 2-2.5 pound and 4-4.5 pound.  The following states need to choose the NY chick or larger based on shipping regulations: (RI, CT, NJ, NY). Your sustainably sourced lobsters ship to your kitchen in a specialty cooler that keeps the meat at an exact temperature for a fresh delivery.  Simply schedule a arrival date that fits your social calendar!

Let’s be clear about clarified butter!

--> Dunking freshly picked lobster meat just tastes better with hot butter, but did you know you can take the dunking to a higher level? Swanky chefs and lobster dock crew both claim clarified butter just tastes better. But what is it? It’s butter without the milk solids and excess water. Cooks heat unsalted butter at high temperatures to remove these “cloudy, milky” solids.

-->The result is a clean, and rich golden butter fat that mixes deliciously with lobster, and even crab meat. In fact, clarified butter complements everything crustacean: lobster & blue, snow, king, and Dungeness, crabs, etc. Make your lobster feast simple with a one ingredient recipe! Eat with assurance, since clarified butter can withstand higher temperatures before “breaking down” or burning.

-->Dieticians claim this higher threshold keeps clarified butter void of the unstable free radicals that cause cancer. Of course, if you have a dairy allergy, this butter choice is perfect for you! The only thing you may need is a butter warmer to keep it hot as you tear into another lobster claw!

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