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FRESH-(1) Gallon- Approximately 8 lbs- 20-30 Scallops Per Pound On Average- Dry Scallops (-100% Product of U.S.A)

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J. Lionel Maine Lobster serves up Nantucket Scallops that rival the Lobster Craze!

These North Atlantic scallops boast plump texture, and many show an orange or pink tint that signifies a healthy and nutritious harvest.  Since Sea Scallops swim the cold waters year-round, our boats get a workout!  Filtering food through their shell-openings, scallops grow plump meat from eating floating plankton:  krill, microorganisms, algae, larvae, etc.  Buttery sweet with delicate plump meat, scallops receive the accolade, “candy of the sea.”   

What makes the scallop unique?  This delicacy consists of the adductor muscle of a mollusk that opens and closes the shell and allows the scallop to swim through the cold ocean waters.  This exercise develops low fat meat with large amounts of protein, 20 grams per a 3 oz. serving.  

Our chefs suggest sautéing your select scallops in a hot cast iron skillet with lemon, garlic butter sauce.  Our crew prepares the scallops with a careful removal of both roe and the orange muscle that attaches the scallop to the shell.  If you decide on the frozen scallop, let them thaw in the refrigerator overnight or with a cold-water bath for about 15 minutes.  If you do wash either the frozen scallop or fresh, pat them dry and place in a hot skillet.  Prepare yourself for the sizzle sound and if that doesn’t happen, turn up the stove.  Arrange the scallops 1-inch apart and cook for about two minutes per side until a golden-brown “crust” and with the sides remaining opaque. Plate on a salad or garnished orange slices and enjoy the candy!

Watch our chef "unscoop" the massive scallops here.


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