J. Lionel Maine Lobster catches North Atlantic Scallops and keeps them dry, maintaining the natural sweet and briny perfect blend. Pan-searing shines with the natural scallop allowing a golden caramelized texture along the edges and a tender plump meat in the center. Our crew sizes the scallops from 10-20 & 20-30 per pound with quantities from a pound up to a gallon (8 lbs.). Looking for a food source with protein & magnesium and potassium vitamins? Look no further, scallops supply this benefit! Also, explore the abundant scallop cuisine. Possibly, prepare “Sea Scallop Risotto” by hard searing the scallops in your handy cast-iron skillet until the scallop center boasts an opaque color and golden-brown edge. No matter how you prepare your scallop, know that you’re getting high-quality seafood! Follow us on Facebook for videos & blogs.

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