J. Lionel Maine Lobster Scallops
Pan-sear some scallops as a delicious side to your Maine Lobster!

Chefs seek out a full scallop, not pieces or parts. A full sea scallop impresses and looks beautiful on a mixed green salad or even wrapped in smoked bacon. North Atlantic Scallops, caught from ocean beds 60’-360’ under the surface, measure an average 1.5” in diameter. On wooden boats and rocking from crashing waves, watermen shuck the adductor muscle or the plump meat from the shell instantly. Shucking on the boat keeps the scallops FRESH! 
How should scallops look?
Most scallops appear creamy white with a few “blushing” scallops that have a tint of orange. It all depends on their diet, but these scallops sear into a clean, buttery taste! Go ahead and add scallops to your dish. They have amazing health benefits. Eat with assurance. About 6 sea scallops contain about 25 grams of protein and 14% of the daily needed iron. I suggest you search for Nantucket scallops from the waters around an island off Massachusetts since they cook to a plump, buttery sweetness. In fact, they are so good, you can pop one in your mouth like sushi. Savor the fresh clean sea taste. Just think about a quick cooking and you'll truly enjoy a healthy choice from American waterways.

Keep the cooking simple. Follow this easy recipe, but don't overcook! The scallops will become overly chewy and tough in texture.

Consider lightly seasoning your fresh catch with Old Bay. Also, drizzle extra virgin olive oil and grounded pepper modestly in a hot skillet. Position the scallops evenly in the skillet, leaving space between each. Before turning on the heat to medium-high, shake some Old Bay in the empty spaces in the pan. Almost like magic, the Old Bay will cook and erase the "fishy" smell that scallops normally omit. Let them sear for two minutes. Avoid moving the scallops since this will detract from the “golden-brown.” Carefully turn over the scallops after two minutes. The scallops' sides should turn opaque, while the top and bottom boast the golden-brown. Place the scallops on a paper towel to soak up excess oil. Quickly plate and serve. Chefs call scallops the “jewels of the sea.” After tasting full bodied scallops from Nantucket, you’ll know why!

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