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East Coast Oysters-[By The Dozen]

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East Coast Oysters

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What will you get with an East Coast Oyster?

Flavors ranging from a plant-like nuttiness to a melon fruitiness will wash down with a healthy slurp. Oceanic and fresh, the juices in the shell will elevate the experience. Take a sniff of the shucked oyster. A cool ocean breeze, fresh and salty will signal a healthy catch. Eastern oysters range from 3.5”-4.5”, a small to medium size that only gets tastier with clean waterways. The more nutrients or algae and plankton in the water, the more flavorful the oyster.

Taking a look at the shell, you’ll notice a somewhat smooth texture with green hints from the algae. In fact, if you see an ancient, greenish shell, know you found an oyster from ideal growing conditions. With such a catch, take these live oysters and slurp them with a lemon and salt chaser, or get the kitchen hopping with either a broiling or steaming. Some even take the fun outside for an outdoor grilling. All in all, with a palate geared like Hemmingway, you’ll notice East Coast’s crisper oyster from his Florida oyster’s description with a metallic hint. Now it’s up to you. Get slurping or put on your chef hat!

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