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(2 lbs.) Prince Edward Island Blue Mussels ~ {Canada} [flash-frozen]

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Prince Edward Island Mussels

What’s so special about PEI Mussels?

Chefs consistently claim Canadian Prince Edward Island Mussels boast a sweeter and more tender meat. Yes, they have a slightly briny oceanic blast, but they assume flavors, wine sauces, butter infusions, and the like deliciously. From Virginia to the Arctic, the sea-goer will find mussels growing on rocks, tree limbs, docks, and even boats lining the eastern seaboard. Why are PEI mussels such a find then?

The cool, clean waters and an environment that keeps pollutions and predators away ensures a robust harvest. PEI offers this ideal set-up with “socks” used to grow the mussels. As a filtering eater, mussels can easily ingest plankton particles strategically disseminated in the waters. It’s quite an amazing sight! Longlines of ropes extend into the waters with these socks tied throughout.

A natural and healthy farming is void of any steroids, preservatives or the like, found in some shrimp or fish farms. PEI prides itself on a clean operation! With this excellence, the mussels grow to 2-3-inch length with an elongated shell. The black shell with bluish highlights hints to the chef, “Here’s the real deal!”


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