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(1 lb) Fresh Blue Crab Lump Meat (Product of USA)

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Meet the real meat! 

Crack open the cookbook and call your mother for those seafood recipes.  I bet you need some crab meat.  Why serve oversea's meat found in grocery stores?  Cook with the best!  Chesapeake Bay authentic 100% delicious crab meat.

Jumbo:  Prized for showboating crab meat with large tender pieces, jumbo tastes clean with a delicate salty-sweet flavor.  Possibly add this choice to cream of crab to delight the diner with huge crab pieces resting in a spoonful.  Prepare your ingredients: jumbo & lump crab meat, half-n-half, butter, parsley, and seafood seasoning.

Lump:  Similar to the esteemed jumbo, lump offers smaller pieces when the recipe calls for a mixture of texture and a large crab piece may detract from the experience.  Sometimes you want to serve an appetizer that starts the conversation right!  Mini Crab Melts might do the trick. Prepare your ingredients:  gruyere cheese, sourdough, lump crabmeat, and tomatoes.

Claw:  For the claw-cracker in you, this meat satisfies a sweeter and richer meat that has a shredded texture.  Looking for a hint of crab, but the crab serves as a co-star to other ingredients, try claw.  Dishes with showy sauces, rich dips and hearty soups enjoy claw.  Here’s a thought.  Whip up some Crab Guacamole.  Mix claw crab meat, avocadoes, red onions, cilantro, limes, garlic, salt & pepper in this show starter.

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