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Steamed Bushel of MD Blue Crabs. Feast includes 10 mallets, crab knives and crab bibs; 1 lb. JO Spice

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J. Lionel boasts beautiful Blues!

Seafood lovers click on our online store to catch luscious Maine Lobsters for their virtual cart, but now you can extend the feast to include beautiful Blues. Just a short distance from the rocky Maine shoreline, the Chesapeake Bay opens to estuaries and underwater grasses serving as a home for the “Beautiful Swimmer that is savory.”  What keeps the steamers cranking and JO #2 Spice shaking?  A discerning palate that enjoys sweet, delicate meat encased in a hard-armored shell.

Health enthusiasts justify piling Blues high on the picnic table.

Place an average sized Blue upside down for a professional picking.  How much meat will form a salty-sweet pile?  About 2 ¼ ounces.  Pick 2 extra crab claws from another crab and you’ll accumulate about 3 ounces, a serving amount.  Now let’s celebrate the successful health benefits!  Each day a healthy person like yourself requires about 56 grams of protein.  This pile contains 17.2 grams.  Not too bad.  It gets better.  This meat contains 0% carbohydrates.  Celebrate!  You’re also looking at 100% of the B12 vitamin needed for the day.  B12 keeps that heart pumping and protein rebuilds muscles and gives needed energy.  Want more detail?  Selenium, zinc and copper all exist in high quantities in that pile of jumbo, lump and claw, which gives you a fighting chance by producing red blood cells and boosting the immune system.  So, we can truly say, crabs do a body good!

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