Maryland Hardshell Blue Crabs

J. Lionel Maine Lobster partners with The Great Maryland Crab Company to catch heavy Blue Crabs for your online orders.  A Maryland Blue Crab or “Beautiful Savory Swimmer” receives quite a following from diehard seafood connoisseurs.  Enthusiasts rave over the olive, bluish-green crustacean with delicately white salty-sweet meat.  The Great Maryland Crab Company presents our customers with heavy, humungous Blue Crabs measuring upwards to 9 inches and beyond!  Small fish, clams, snails, eelgrass, and sea lettuce nourish Blue Crabs for quite a tasty catch. A catch includes both male and female crabs.  Both receive exact, traditional grading from smalls (5”-5.5”), mediums (5.5”-6.0”), large (6”-6.5”), extra-large (6.5”-7”), and supers (7” plus).

Which gender crab tastes better: male or female? The Male sports a unique inverted t-shaped abdomen while the female exhibits a rounded bell-shaped one along with striking bright red nail polished claws.  Preference arises in the consistently flaky male crab meat compared to the female’s dense quality We here at J. Lionel Maine Lobster Company proudly present all both male and female crabs in dozen, ½ bushel or bushel quantities. Our crew seasons the crabs with JO spice #2 to customer requests: no spice, light spice, regular spice or extra spice. It’s up to you! Follow us on Facebook for lobster facts, tasty recipes and customer reviews.

Special Note for Crab Enthusiasts:  When selecting your shipping method, two distinct packing materials keep your crabs ready to eat: gel packs and dry ice.  Overnight transit utilizes gel, while longer travel requires ice packs.  If the ice packs freeze the crabs, simply allow the crabs to slowly thaw in the refrigerator to maintain ideal texture and taste. Also, please keep in mind the following chart for serving amounts.  Get your hammers swinging, legs crack'n and meat dipp'n!

1 Dozen Feeds Approximately 1-2 People. 

1/2 Bushels Feed Approximately 5 people. 

Bushels Feed Approximately 10 people. 



We proudly partnered with The Great Maryland Crab Company to fill all Blue Crab orders.

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