Cold Water Lobster Tails (U.S.A (Maine) or (Canadian Tails)

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Lobster Tails, a Healthy Choice.

Yes, you may choose to dip those plump tails in a pool of butter, but your lobster choice contains loads of protein! 29 grams per 3 oz. serving, in fact! These tails flap the lobster through the water, developing a firm buttery meat high in energy protein.  Research even claims lobster helps with a healthy metabolism, neurological health and red blood production.  Sounds good, but we know you want lobster for the buttery plump taste that bakes and grills into an exquisite recipe.

Serve a tail as an entrée or surf & turf.

Our crew sizes vac-sealed, flash frozen Canadian and Maine tails in pairs.  Choose from our 3-4 oz., 5-6 oz., 8-10 oz., 10-12 oz., 12-14 oz., and 14-16 oz. tails. Light up the grill, brush some olive oil on your tails and maybe even a smoky BBQ sauce.  Serve them with leafy greens and balsamic with a toasted roll.  Enjoy a tremendous catch from the North Atlantic!

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