Cold Water Lobster Tails [U.S.A (Maine) or (Canadian Tails)-

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Plump, firm and easy to slide out of the shell, this lobster meat tastes fresh!  Find a hot pool of garlic butter and splash away!  Cold Water Lobster Tails boast a firmer meat since the Northern Lobsters move more rapidly in the North Atlantic than Spiny Lobsters in the Caribbean.  Consequently, the meat grows slower for a firmer and more tender meat.  Our crew select the heaviest lobster from the rocky crevices along Maine and Canada’s northern coastlines.  Our quality standards measure lobster catches for both sustainability practices and robust lobster potting.  J. Lionel Maine Lobster doesn’t over-fish the waters and nets lobsters with curled tails. This exacting sign shows that the lobster is fresh and healthy.  No wonder Cold Water Tails receive praise in the finest restaurants and your home kitchen.  Clean, firm meat that turns every meal into a memorable event!

Lobster Tails, a Healthy Choice.

Yes, you may choose to dip those plump tails in a pool of butter, but your lobster choice contains loads of protein! 29 grams per 3 oz. serving, in fact! These tails flap the lobster through the water, developing a firm buttery meat high in energy protein.  Research even claims lobster helps with a healthy metabolism, neurological health and red blood production.  Sounds good, but we know you want lobster for the buttery plump taste that bakes and grills into an exquisite recipe.

Serve a tail as an entrée or surf & turf.

Our crew sizes vac-sealed, flash frozen Canadian and Maine tails in pairs.  Choose from our 3-4 oz., 5-6 oz., 8-10 oz., 10-12 oz., 12-14 oz., and 14-16 oz. tails. Light up the grill, brush some olive oil on your tails and maybe even a smoky BBQ sauce.  Serve them with leafy greens and balsamic with a toasted roll.  Enjoy a tremendous catch from the North Atlantic!

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