Cold Water Lobster Tails (U.S.A (Maine) or (Canadian Tails)

Lobster Tails, a Healthy Choice.

Go easy on the hot butter and any added salt, but lobster tails naturally offer loads of protein.  Flipping through the cold-water currents, lobsters propel their bodies by flapping their tails.  This robust movement develops energy-supplying protein.  In fact, with a given cup of lobster, a grand amount of protein, 29 grams and low calories, 129 give lobster a gold star for health.  Niacin and Vitamins B 6 & B9 also add to the meat as an eyebrow raising conclusion, “Lobster just makes health sense.”  Of course, eat in moderation since any good thing done too much becomes a detriment.  Let’s hear it for the tails!  Experts claim they may even help with a healthy metabolism, neurological functions, and red blood function.

Should you still eat your vegetables with lobster?  Yes.  Lobster doesn’t contain fiber or carbohydrates so maybe even add a wheat roll with your meal.  So, it’s settled.  Light up the grill, brush some olive oil on your tails and a smoky BBQ sauce.  Serve them with leafy greens and balsamic with a toasted roll.  Bon appetit!

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