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(2) Lbs Cold Water Lobster Meat-Claw, Knuckle Meat [FROZEN] [CK]


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Time to embellish that garden salad with tenderly sweet lobster meat!

You toiled in the garden for hours and now have ripe red tomatoes, crisp cucumbers and hearty lettuce.  Yes, a fresh salad will showcase your hard work, but what about garnishing it with cold water lobster meat!  J. Lionel caught lobsters off Maine and Canada’s coastlines and picked 2-pound portions of claw, knuckle and leg meat for your cooking convenience.  Our crew quickly vac-sealed the meat to maintain freshness and quickly flash-froze it so you can receive it unspoiled and the texture and taste remain superior.  The textures vary from firm to fibrous. The tail meat tastes sweeter than the claw and knuckle.  If salads don’t fit your fancy, try a lobster roll, pasta sauce or paella!

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