Live Whole Maine Lobsters

Lobsters Galore means Lobsters on the Grill!

J. Lionel Maine Lobster joins Portland vessels to rocky crevices along the coastline for monster catches.  Lobster pots weigh heavy with dozens of 5-pound lobsters, the biggest catch so far in 2019. 

Lobster replaces burgers on the grill.

Ordering lively lobsters means they’ll arrive to you in a custom cooler full of life and ready for your expertise.  Chef J. Lionel keeps the steps simple.  1) Quickly unleash your lobsters in a boiling pot for about 4 minutes and then drain the water.  Cooking lobsters live ensures tender, plump meat.  It’s all about the texture.  2) Then take your shears and cut the lobster in half and remove the dark stomach and tomalley or green liver from behind the eye area. The rest of the lobster boasts salty-sweet meat.  3) Rub butter on the meat and place the meat down on the grill for 8-10 minutes.  The smoky coals and butter will seep into the meat for a 5-star taste. 

Always keep an eye on the scale!

Add up the nutrients and create meals that matter. 

Eat with assurance since lobster contains 27.55 grams of protein and 129 calories per a 145-gram serving.  Our recent catch includes 1-4-pound lobsters.  Listen to our eyewitness report.  “J. Lionel Maine Lobster puts ‘lively’ back into lobsters.” Reserve your perfect size today!  

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