Live Whole Maine Lobsters

Caught off the rocky Portland, Maine coastline, our live lobsters offer a fresh choice to your recipes. 

Either the focal point on your special occasion dishes or a team player in a rich lobster roll or “rise and shine” egg benedict, fresh lobster impresses with a distinct tenderly lean buttery flavor.  Broil, bake or steam live lobsters and experience the fresh, non-fishy exquisite meat.  J. Lionel Maine Lobster traps or entices the lobsters into pots but follows careful sustainability guidelines.  Our catch captures chefs by surprise.  The size, the heaviness and ideal hardness of the shell signatures tender and lean meat.  Growing slowly in cold Northern waters, these crustaceans exhibit a sweet flavor void of saltiness found in some warmer water lobsters. 

Always keep an eye on the scale! Add up the nutrients and create meals that matter.  Mince the lobster for salads, pack lobster patties or burgers and fill a ramekin with grass-fed butter that gives the meat a clean dunking.  Eat with assurance since lobster contains 27.55 grams of protein and 129 calories per a 145-gram serving.  Our recent catch includes 1-4-pound lobsters.  Listen to our eyewitness report.  “J. Lionel Maine Lobster puts ‘lively’ back into lobsters.” Reserve your perfect size today!  Follow us on Facebook for recipes & blogs.

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