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Combo 4~ 2 Steamed Maine Lobsters {1-1.15 lbs.} & 1 Dozen Jumbo Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs {6"-7"}


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Crabs and Lobster Dinner

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Rush Those Blue Crabs to the Steamer!

Crab houses all along the Chesapeake Bay know blue crabs symbolize Maryland Pride. Just like in any highly esteemed delicacy, swift routines after the catch ensure a FRESH product. Shuck a scallop, rush it to a chilled cooler. Harvest an oyster, keep it stored cool and damp with ample air before a good old fashioned slurping. Same true for Blue crabs and other crustaceans. They require a lightning speed to the steamer before they die since they become quite toxic right after death. Before, beautiful meat. After, a guaranteed bad evening! Check out some good news on battling the time to deliver a delicious blue crab every time.

Question ~ Why do crabbers quickly rush their catch to the shore and soon to the crab house?

Answer ~ Blue Crabs naturally attract bacteria that grows like eelgrass in August after a crab’s death. A dead crab is worthless to you and any chef. Also, clawless crabs cause disdain. When rushing the crabs, they must feel calm. Cool, low temperatures around 50 degrees F is ideal. Just know that when crabs feel uncomfortable, they drop their claws known as autotomy, a process that gives them the opportunity to escape danger. In a bushel with other snapping blues, a threatened crab will want to escape. When cooling the crab so this doesn’t happen, watch out for melted ice that you may use. If the crabs sit in any sitting water, they will suffocate as they will draw all the oxygen from it. So, rushing requires a keen understanding of the blue crabs’ personality. Lastly, give them a quick washing of gunk and mud before you leave the dock. It will make the future steaming process easy!

Question ~ How do you keep crabs alive longer? You know, to help with preparing the crab feast with freshly steamed crabs.

Answer ~ Successful crabbers use wooden bushel baskets with wet burlap to store the crab after the catch. Of course, placing it away from the sun is key. If you’re staying around the waters for a while, place a floating cage in the water and store the live crabs in it. Feed them and keep them away from direct sun light and you can potentially save your fresh catch for weeks! Remember, a live crab quickly steams to what every crab lover desires, “A Beautiful Swimmer that is Savory!”

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