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Combo 2 ~ (2) {1-1.15 lb.} Whole Maine Lobsters- (6 lbs.) Chilean Mussels- FROZEN


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Lobster and Mussels Combo 2

Delicious Combo 2 ~ 2 (1-1.15) Steamed Maine Lobsters {Arrive Ready to Eat!} & 6-lbs. Chilean Mussels {Flash-Frozen for cooking convenience} 

Did you know lobsters can live up to 140 years!

When young, lobsters waste no time shedding and molting their shells. They take advantage of shedding the exoskeleton to reach larger sizes quickly to fend off prey. They prepare for the hungry codfish, crabs, and other scavengers who will feast on a small lobster. It’s a good thing lobsters act quickly. In fact, in the lobster’s first year, it sheds around 44 times! After that, the molting slows until age 7 when it’s once a year. At that time, they can ward off these predators.

The cold-water lobster, known for its huge claws, grows into an aggressive sea creature. The crusher and pincer claws make them a predator in their own right with pouncing on their food favorites: clams, oysters, crabs, and small fish. They fill out their shells slower as they age.  This easing process helps them grow denser and plumper meat. Young lobsters, on the other hand, tend to have an abundance of water in their shells, but as they age, this is replaced with protein. Experts give a simple guide in lobster growth. For every 7 years, a lobster weighs another pound. For example, 3 lb. lobsters spent 15-20 years along the rocky Maine coastline.

The best practice that fishing docks can enact is to “let them grow” philosophy. Just let them take time filling their shells with that delicious buttery sweet meat. Yes, a treasure from the sea worth the wait!

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