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Freshly steamed lobster are a true delicacy for any seafood lover

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Combo 3 ~ (2) Steamed Maine Lobsters (1-1.5 lbs. each) & (1 lb.) North Atlantic {10-20 ct.} Scallops [ All Flash-Frozen]


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Combo #3 Lobster and Scallops

Do you know how to cook Maine Lobster?

Maine Lobsters, back in the 1800’s served as a prisoner’s food. Believe it or not! In fact, fishermen, when emptying their nets for cod and haddock, simply threw the lobsters back in the water. Once the stigma stuck, no one wanted a lobster, but when refrigeration methods improved and ingenious entrepreneurs thought better of the lobster, they marketed the middle of the country, where the plump, buttery meat grew to astounding popularity. Then the rest of the country fell in line. Crawling around Maine’s rocky coastline’s waterways, this crustacean lay wait for some creative chefs. They wondered, “Should I boil, steam, grill, or broil?” All four methods work but strive for the cooking prize!

Boiling or steaming receive the most popularity. If boiling, choose a large enough pot for a live lobster to submerge into the water. If cooking more than two, acquire a lobster pot around 15 quarts in size. Two pound lobsters take about 5 quarts, so three lobsters will cook ideally. Then season the water with 2 tbsp. of salt and boil for 12 minutes. Too much salt will take away the sweetness in the meat. Unless you like a salty dish. Know your tastes. Drain the lobsters and pierce a hole in the claws and body to drain any “standing” water. Steaming, conversely doesn’t need any salt, but feel free to add it to the water. Place the lobsters about 2” above the water on a grate and light up the burners to high. Once again, 12 minutes will do the trick. Shift the lobsters halfway through. If you’re wondering if they’re finished, displace the tail from the body a bit and if the meat boasts a whiteness rather than a translucence, it’s dinner time. The internal temperature should read 140 degrees F. A cooked lobster serves up a lean, high protein seafood choice. With 19 grams of energy building protein in a 3 ½ ounce serving, you can’t go wrong!

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