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Freshly steamed lobster are a true delicacy for any seafood lover

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Combo 1 ~ Lobster & Shrimp [2-Steamed Maine Lobsters (1-1.15 lbs.) & 2 lbs. Gulf Jumbo White Shrimp (16-20 ct.) {flash-frozen}


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Lobster and Shrimp Dinner

If you exclaimed, “that lobster tastes like shrimp,” you may be right!

Lobster and shrimp’s taste boils down to diet and lifestyle. Both fit the crustacean class with an exoskeleton that protects them from predators as large fish, turtles and crabs. This shell also protects and tenderizes the flesh, so it cooks to a delicacy. Did you know when lobsters shed their exoskeleton, they eat it for the abundant calcium? Now that’s smart thinking! Shrimp are too much on the go to feast on their shedded shell. In fact, the famous mantis shrimp has been reported to swim 30 body lengths per second. The lobster increases the calcium, but the shrimp burn saturated fats with the movement. Lobsters forage through rocks and crevices, but don’t swim like Olympians so they have more fat. Thus, a buttery flavor, more so than the shrimp. Another factor ties into the tides! The saltier the waters, the less sweet the meat. The warmer the waters, the faster the meat grows, leaving a less dense, plump meat. Some caution recipes and cooking so this meat doesn’t cook to a mushy mess. Lastly, you won’t find lobsters in fresh waters, so shrimp is the candidate as the “sweet taste” winner.

When it comes down to feasting, they both enjoy snails, clams, coral pieces, insects, plant parts, small fish, and underwater debris. Yes, you can call them the Hoover of the seas! Rich in omega-3s, calcium, iodine, and protein both do a body good. If you taste some iodine in the shrimp, you probably got a catch that recently feasted on too much plankton. Simply soak them to allow the iodine to dissipate. More ingested proteins will give the crustacean a meaty consistency and robust taste, while plant particles tend to exude a fibrous quality. Naturally, healthy waters, rich in nutrients will supply the best seafood. Maine’s Casco Bay for lobsters and Texas’s Trinity Bay for shrimp are two perfect starting points. Do some research on exactly where your USA seafood is caught and you’ll find the tastier shrimp and lobster. See your seafood for what it is!



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