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Lobstermen's Catch Option A ☐ 2 (1-1.5 Lb) Steamed Maine Lobsters ☐ 2 Lbs Frozen Blue Mussels ☐ 16 oz of Green Beans ☐ 2 Lobster Bibs ☐ Butter Wamer

Price: $64.99

  • Step 1- Steam Potatoes for 20 Minutes, Step 2 Add corn, mussels, and steam for 5 more minutes. (Make sure corn and mussels are thawed before steaming.) Step 3 : Steam lobster for 3 more minutes. Step 4 Remove all items from steam pot.  
For nearly 3 decades we have been providing the freshest Maine lobsters available. Their is a huge difference in taste in a Lobster that is caught fresh vs sitting in a tank for weeks. These lobsters arrive steamed to perfection. This makes for hassle free serving of the lobster. This package is a great sampler of our New England Seafood.

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