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(30 lbs) (2-3 lb) Whole Maine Lobsters- Live


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  • * Please Note- J. Lionel Maine Lobster Ships Only The Liveliest Lobster Around. Ordering Live Lobsters Is At Your Own Risk. No Monies Will Be Refunded For Dead Loss. Note During Extreme Warm And Cold Times Of Year Are Not The Best Times To Order Live Lobs 

Please note that this product requires premium overnight shipping.

For nearly 3 decades we have been providing the freshest Maine lobsters available. Their is a huge difference in taste in a Lobster that is caught fresh vs sitting in a tank for weeks. These lobsters arrive live.

Please note that dead loss is possible with ordering live lobsters. J Lionel Maine Lobster will not refund any money for dead loss in lobsters. If you are concerened with potential dead loss in lobsters we highly recommend you order them steamed.  Note during extremely cold and hot months it is best to get your lobster already steamed.

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