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(1 lb) -Wild Caught Red Snapper-- [FROZEN]

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  • 1 Lb 
Serve up wild caught Pacific Red Snapper that offers a lean, nutty flavor and pinkish hue and vibrant red skin. Some say it has flounder similarities, but its distinct mild sweetness and moist texture make it a favorite for chefs with robust recipes. Multiply your taste buds with this healthy choice: Red Snapper exhibits bountiful amounts of lean protein, potassium, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. Nothing like savoring an authentic seafood fare with nutrients to boot! Consider taking your prized catch from Maine Lobster Company and rinsing it under cold water and then giving it a bath in extra virgin olive oil, fresh-squeezed lemon, mustard, ginger and oregano. Fire up the skillet at medium and sauté your fish until flaking, easily cut with a fork. This tender meat satisfies your personal trainer’s instructions for a healthy choice. For 32% off and priced at $14.99/lb., this fish keeps your wallet fat and not your waist!

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