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Freshly steamed lobster are a true delicacy for any seafood lover

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Stonington Crab & Lobster Dinner ~ Dozen Large MD Blue Crabs [Steamed, 6”-6.5”], (2) 1-1.15 lb. Maine Lobsters [Steamed], (2) 4 oz. MD Crab Cakes [100% USA, Flash-Frozen, Ready to Bake]

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Stonington Crab and Lobster Dinner

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Visit New England with J. Lionel Maine Lobster’s Free Shipping Dinners!

Everything Lobster keeps to the timely tradition of living off the shoreline treasures seasonally with an abundance of seafood favorites. Freshly Caught Maine Lobsters paired up with our Southern neighbors’ food favorites as crab cakes and shrimp make these meals a truly American cuisine!

Our Way is YOUR Way!

Each lobster passes the certified test for sustainability, health, and heaviness. A freshly caught lobster ensures a delicious dish.

Our dock crew expedite the catch directly back to our kitchens for a quick steaming for your online order. Custom lobster coolers transport the lobster to your own kitchen for an easy meal prep. Simply brush clarified butter on the lobster’s “belly” and resteam for 5 minutes at ¾ throttle. Some enthusiasts recommend serving hot butter with the cold lobsters. The butter will instantly warm up the meat. Either way, we prepare your lobsters for an easy meal!

Give our Lobster Fanatics a call at 800-557-9042 to schedule your seafood home delivery!

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