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Super Fish Pack-(6 lbs.) Tilapia & (2 lbs.) Tuna Medallions- (6 lbs.) Cod- (FROZEN)

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Maine Lobster's Fish Pack

Lobster Dinners Load our Docks!

Preparing seafood requires a keen awareness of tastes. Plump, buttery, and salty-sweet lobsters boast flavors similar to crab and shrimp. Either smothered in butter or ladled in a creamy sauce, your lobster should showcase Maine’s lobster true delicacy. Setting aside and sacrificing red meat for lobster isn’t difficult, especially when pairing it with some other unique flavors. Take Nantucket Scallops as a worthy side. Get the olive oil sizzling and pan-sear some scallops that live up to the name, “Jewels of the Sea.” Buttery, plump and textured similar to a marshmallow, but a bit firmer, scallops share the plate majestically. Don’t forget your Lenten fish selections. Flaky tilapia, meaty tuna, and tender cod present a fish for every Friday in Lent. Tilapia and Cod’s mildly sweet meat lend themselves to a crispy fish and chips, while meaty tuna cooks with a quick searing for an entrée fish steak. You can enjoy all these dock greatest hits. Just don’t give up fish for Lent!

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