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Give Thanks for Maine’s Finest!

Squeeze some lemon, dip into a ramekin of garlic butter, or serve with a surf-n-turf, Maine Lobster takes the taste buds to a better place.  Your Thanksgiving spread never looked so scrumptious. Give your guests choices with some seafood favorites. New England’s rocky coastline supplies your lobsters for rolls, bisque, mac-n-cheese, or a headliner. Yes, use the good china this holiday! Don’t discriminate against the Mid-Atlantic’s blue crab catch. Make it a group activity with an ample supply of mallets, claw crackers and spice. Delicious crab meat for the taking. Pack your own cake. Whisk up some cream of crab with impressive buttery chunks of succulent jumbo. And that’s just for starters. Take a peek at J. Lionel’s Free Shipping Dock!

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