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Feel the Spring’s Cool Breeze, a Dock Filled with Savings!

Warming weather rapidly approaches with sails set for family and friend’s get-togethers. Let’s set the scene. A pod of lobsters congregate around a pot baited with salted herring. A fresh, newfound catch will indeed load the picnic table with buttery and refreshingly salty lobster meat. Now check out the “bio-mass” of Maryland Blue Crabs, just moving to spring’s direction as they surface from a long winter’s laziness. Hard to upstage lobsters, blue crabs share the hot butter, and the robust crab meat boasts a pristine taste similar to lobster, but flakier in texture. Now, the Gulf of Mexico, even though in a constant semi-tropical environment, does switch to spring mode with a resurgence of colonies of jumbo white shrimp, foraging through the marshlands with fervor. Slightly briny with a buttery pop, shrimp dips in a cocktail sauce like no one’s business! Get creative with all the fresh catches, and if you’re brave, maybe add some meat for a surf & turf!

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