Louisiana Crawfish

Caught in freshwater lakes and streams, Louisiana Crawfish cook to a buttery-sweet salty taste.  Many chefs rave over crawfish’s versatility in adapting to recipes.  Soaking up picante, spices and broths, crawfish gives a distinct addition to jambalayas and paellas.  Admirers term crawfish with “pet” names:  crayfish, crawdads, mudbugs and mini-lobsters to name a few.  Feasting on plant particles and animal and bug “meat,” crawfish grow upwards to 3 inches in length and supply 14 grams of protein and 70 calories per a 3 oz. serving.

Celebrate creativity in your cuisine with crawfish. Simmer a zesty jambalaya, worthy of a Mardi Gras feast.  Try three easy steps: 1) Sauté garlic butter and diced sweet onions, bold bell peppers and fresh celery until tender. 2) Add sliced cherry tomatoes with a dousing of paprika and tabasco.  3) Introduce the star of the meal, crawfish tails and let simmer. Prepare for a Southern Creole good time!

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