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J. Lionel Maine Lobster Company celebrates the waterman’s spirit for high-quality fresh seafood.  Sending our vessels to barrier straits along Maine’s 3,478 miles of vibrant waterways, our crew catches massive red lobsters weighing up to 10 pounds! Maine’s coast allows monster lobsters a foraging “aquarium” for crabs, starfish, mussels, and healthy fish.  With this diet, lobster enthusiasts enjoy satisfying dietary phosphorous, potassium, protein, selenium, copper, and zinc needs.  Our company celebrates not only the nutrients but joins in the seafood quest for succulent sweet lobsters that taste buttery with baking.  Knowing that many chefs require choices for products to satisfy dishes from seafood paella to lobster rolls, our captain, James directs his crew to catch warm water lobsters along the Caribbean and Florida Coasts.  Likewise, he sends other ships to North Carolina for sweet shrimp and Prince Edward Island for mussels.  No matter the seafood request, we design our mission to supply high-quality products at competitive prices.


Our culture drives our company!


J. Lionel Maine Lobster Company, named in honor of the founder's father operates in southern Maine, a stone's throw away from Sebago Lake and Presumpscot River. Many native Maine watermen help us in our quest for the ultimate catch.  Named after Captain James’s father, a family culture drives standards.  Father watches son and son watches grandson.  Techniques and timeless practices as baiting the pots and fishing in ideal locations directly results from experience and charting successes and trends in the waterways.  Either diving or “fishing” the lobsters with our crew or partnering with other vessels from Central America, our team always desires a tremendous catch. For example, our divers trap both cold water lobster from Canada and US waters and warm water lobster from Columbia, Brazil and Nicaragua. Once we have ensured that the product is of the best quality, we ship live lobsters to all lower 48 United States and certain regions in Alaska, while frozen lobster and tails ship to all 50 states!


We honor our products with no exceptions!


As a loyal provider of both cold water and warm water lobsters and other premium seafood, we guarantee freshness and speedy delivery to your selected address. We partnered with UPS and offer many choices from 3-Day Ground, Next-Day Air and Next-Day-Air Saver.  Our signature product packing utilizes dry ice, gel packs, coolers and packing paper.  Shipped with care and maintained at the required temperature to ensure the utmost quality, we stand behind our products.  We do offer shipping insurance for unfortunate mishaps with your products such as late delivery or damaged coolers to lost items.  Our customer care department will gladly explain the exact pricing and guarantee delivery for your order.  Please call one of our dedicated representatives at 800-557-9042 for details. To achieve first rate reviews, we partner with you, the customer, and the waterman; and team together to expedite your quality product.


Our customers love our products!


Customers rave about quality products like the Mid-Atlantic Water Crabmeat and Warm Water Lobster Tails….

Combine Mid-Atlantic water crabmeat with Caribbean lobster tails. Sweet crab cakes bake ideally into a golden-browned delicacy, while spiny or rock lobsters broil majestically with glazed butter. Both products supply unique cuisine from the sea. Pieces of lump crabmeat mixed with traditional Chesapeake Bay region spices and binding agents as eggs and mayonnaise serve best as a platter or sandwich and fresh coleslaw and crispy fries. Protein-filled lobster tails sliced down the center and baked to a succulent flavor accompanies the crab cakes as a seafood event! 

Freshly picked Lump Blue Crab Meat….

Freshly picked domestic Lump Crab Meat, flash frozen for your cooking calendar convenience explodes as your premier party go-to.  Search through your Grandma’s rolodex cookbook for your own crab cake recipe. Slice and dice vegetables for your authentic Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup or bring out the chips and get a dip’n with your homemade crab dip. This freshly frozen meat thaws expeditiously for your recipe needs

Northern Atlantic Sea Scallops….

Searching for the perfect pan-searing event with sweet, delicate Sea Scallops bursting with 20 grams of protein per 3.5-ounce serving? Does your gym routine require a low-fat choice that perfectly tops your mixed green salad with fresh, ripe garden tomatoes and juicy diced cucumbers? Combine the treasure of the sea with the summer harvest from Mother Nature to offer an exquisite dining event for your special someone! This fresh gallon of Northern Atlantic Sea Scallops amazes with grand-sized scallops, weighing-in with 10-20 scallops per pound. 

Pacific Red Snapper….

Serve up wild caught Pacific Red Snapper that offers a lean, nutty flavor and pinkish hue and vibrant red skin. Some say it has flounder similarities, but its distinct mild sweetness and moist texture make it a favorite for chefs with robust recipes. Multiply your taste buds with this healthy choice: Red Snapper exhibits bountiful amounts of lean protein, potassium, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. Nothing like savoring an authentic seafood fare with nutrients to boot! Consider taking your prized catch from Maine Lobster Company and rinsing it under cold water and then giving it a bath in extra virgin olive oil, fresh-squeezed lemon, mustard, ginger and oregano. Fire up the skillet at medium and sauté your fish until flaking, easily cut with a fork. This tender meat satisfies your personal trainer’s instructions for a healthy choice. 


These authentic products, along with many others have created a dynamic energized company at J. Lionel Maine Lobster.


Your dedicated customer service is available 10:30 am until 6:30 pm each week day to answer your questions about products and quality, along with taking your order. Of course, our web-site is open 24/7 and any order can arrive to you as early as next day! Thermally controlled shipping, product descriptions and preparation directions arrive in each carefully packed order.


J. Lionel Maine Lobster Company wants to transform your kitchen to include some of the finest seafood choices domestically and internationally.  We don’t leave you at the order but want to offer recipes and demonstrations to show how to prepare the delicacy.  Follow us on Facebook to get some culinary ideas!  We celebrate our partnership with your seafood needs!

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