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(2) Lbs. Cold Water Lobster Meat-Claw, Knuckle and Leg Meat [FROZEN]

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Flipping through your recipe cards for Sunday’s Big Football Game “good eats?”  Truly make this game a New England affair with sweetly mild & tender cold-water lobster meat that hints gently at a sea taste.  Why spend time picking the claw, knuckle and leg meat from shells when our water-men skillfully cook the meat in its own brine and pick and weigh the portions into two-pound packages for your recipe convenience.  Flash frozen, this meat thaws for an ideal complement or headliner in dishes as Lobster Chowder, and Spicy Lobster Pasta.  This entrée will motivate cheers and represent Northeastern pride.  Possibly add Gulf Shrimp to your Spicy Lobster Pasta and bring all to the table! Follow us on Facebook for recipes & blogs.

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