Weekly Specials

Fill your fridge with “double your order” amounts from Farm-Raised Tilapia to heavy Maryland Blue Crabs.  We partner with your home chef to stock your fridge and freezer!  These selected items change a mundane recipe to a delicious dining experience.  Try our Cold-Water Lobster Meat (Claw, Knuckle and Leg).  Pulled from cold waters, the meat naturally cooks to a rich-flavored succulent taste.  Caught off the coasts of Maine and Canada, these lobsters receive a sea-side preparation for your order.  Sized to fishing guidelines, pressurized steamed and carefully picked and packed, this meat arrives to you ready for eye-catching lobster rolls, creamy bisque or entrée-ready pasta.  The choices don’t end with the lobster meat. “Double your order” deals send plump Northern Atlantic Sea Scallops, whole Maine lobsters, traditional Maryland Crab Cakes, and more to your kitchen for your next creative meal.


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